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Jodie Bradford

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About Telos Leaning

The Curriculum

Our curriculum is unique and was personally structured by Carla Fritz. Carla taught this class for over thirteen years and is well known throughout the valley.



The curriculum has four units of study, with one unit being taught over the course of a year.

 The units are:

  • Antiquity (Ancient World History)

  • Christendom (Our study for this coming Fall 2017)

  • Modernity (Recent World History)

  • American History


We will provide a book list for both junior high and high school students that details the required books for the school year. The books are listed in the order they will be needed. It is recommended that parents purchase all of the books prior to the start of the year. This will set your student up for success, enabling them to have each book ready to go as we move through the material.


Join our email list to receive the book list for your student! 


This coming Fall 2018, we will be diving into American History and Culture. Students will be focusing on the Age of Exploration and Colonization, journeying all the way to the emergence of Modernity.


We will be covering history, humanities, literature, speech and debate, geography, writing and composition, and modern philosophy. This year, there will also be a Government and Economics credit available for your student if you choose to participate. 

Teaching from a biblical perspective is a core value at Telos Learning, where we believe the Bible is living and active (Heb. 4:12). This biblical foundation of truth is used to equip and encourage students in their own faith, to teach and challenge them as they learn and grow academically, and to prepare them for college and the work field. 


Telos classes meet once a week for 3 hours where we walk through each subject individually. We will discuss the books assigned and the events in history that we are learning that week, as I make certain each student is grasping the material.


I will teach and initiate discussion for each subject and will integrate occasional student speeches and group work into class time. Class discussion is vital to Telos, as it challenges each student to process and share what they have learned, exposing them to different perspectives. After we have finished discussing, I will then assign his or her homework for each subject. 


During the remaining week spent out of class, students are responsible for completing the assignments given and to turn them in at next week’s class.


Telos classes include in-class quizzes, mid-term exams, and final exams at the end of each semester. The final exams will be cumulative of all material for that semester. In-class review and take-home study guides will be given a couple of weeks before exams to guide students in their review and study. Students will also receive report cards at the end of each semester, which will have his or her letter grade for each subject.

What is expected of a telos student

For high school students, the homework load will average between two hours and two and half hours per day. 

Each student is expected to come to class prepared to take notes, participate in group work and contribute to class discussions. All homework that is assigned the previous class (including reading assignments) must be completed and turned in during the following class. If a student is absent, it is their obligation to find out the assignments for that week either from a fellow student or by contacting Mrs. Bradford via email. 


Hello! Thank you for taking time to check out Telos Learning. My name is Jodie Bradford and I am the teacher at Telos Learning. I am married to Joshua Bradford and have a beautiful daughter, Hope. I have been very honored and blessed to play a part in students' education here in the valley area. It is a passion of mine to be a clear communicator to my students and to encourage them to engage in the material we discuss and learn in class.

My Credentials

I attained my Associate's Degree in youth ministry and biblical studies from Moody Bible Institute, where I was taught and equipped with a strong focus on teaching and educating adolescents. After graduating, I spent the next two years being trained under Carla Fritz where I acquired a full school year’s experience in her homeschool classes as a teacher for literature and geography, as well as a substitute teacher for the whole class.

I was also a preschool teacher, where I worked with younger ages that helped me gain an understanding and awareness of how learning progresses through different age groups. I have a strong passion for education and young students, and I enjoy seeing how they learn. I love to implement different teaching techniques to see what works, in order to help them grow and mature. My desire is to further my knowledge and skills by taking more education classes over the next few years to advance my training.


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